I am talking to the professionals

My other half, I feel, is a panic repair caller.  I define this, by her instant reaction to reach for the phone to call a servicing agent at the first moment that an appliance fails to perform.  I know she needs the appliances to work as they should the moment it is turned on; reaching for the phone shouldn’t be her first reaction. Today’s price of repair calls has never been higher.  So, I am trying to assist by suggesting that she check a few things before the immediate call for professional help. In the past, our HVAC system has been the reason for unnecessary repair calls.  I have provided my other half with an easy checklist to sort of direct her in diagnosing a potential problem with the HVAC system. If the heating, ventilation and/or the A/C unit is truly inoperable, I would suggest that she checks the control unit first.  Next, ensure that the control unit in set to the correct mode for the ambient temperature desired. A gentle nudge to the control unit can help to see if the temperature setting is correct. Next, I ask if the system is actively receiving power. I ask her to turn the power switch to ON and then this will be an indicator if a breaker has tripped or not.  One final request, I ask that she check to see whether the air filter is obstructed to check that vents and returns are unobstructed as well. If she follows all these steps and still nothing changes, I will feel a bit more secure about a need to place that call to the service department of our HVAC supplier. I then follow the same list and, in addition, I perform a couple more checks I would not expect of my spouse.  I will walk outdoors to check if the condenser is covered with dirt and debris. While inspecting my condenser, I also look to see if it had been frozen. Often, a frozen condenser is an clear sign that a dirty filter exists or there is another type of air flow problem. It is unnecessary to place a repair call if it is unwarranted. However, if I go through and check off everything on my list and the HVAC continues to perform as if it is broken, I too, contact the professionals.

HVAC installer