I Am Tired Of scheduling HVAC maintenance twice per year

Needing to have the HVAC system professionally service twice per year is becoming to be a real headache for me.

I forget about it most of the time.

I then end up paying more for the service because I call during the peak season when the HVAC contractor is booked solid. The HVAC contractors charge more when their time as a at a premium. I’ve already paid extra to get them to come out on a weekend. I hope to avoid this needless expense in the future. I’m considering replacing the whole HVAC system with a ductless multi split. If I have a ductless heat pump, I can enjoy zoned temperature control. There would be no need to heat or cool empty rooms. I could target those rooms that tend to get overheated or feel chilly. These compact system are less costly to operate and require less maintenance. As long as I keep up with filter changes, the ductless system should continue to operate reliably. I like that the system is very quiet and unobtrusive. There would not longer be a bunch of vents to arrange furniture around. I wouldn’t need to worry about energy waste from holes in the ductwork. There would be less chance of airborne contaminants causing health risks. Modern ductless systems are quite powerful and can quickly raise or lower the temperature in the room. Most feature cordless remotes and some offer wifi connectivity. I would love being able to regulate temperature room by room through an app on my smartphone. I suppose that tearing out a central heating and cooling system for a ductless system is crazy.


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