I am very confused

Everyone of my friends would consider me to be a seriously impatient person. No matter what type of situation I would find myself in, I’m genuinely not the type of person to sit around in addition to wait for something to happen. I’m constantly complaining to everyone of my friends in addition to family members, about situations that arise where I am impatiently waiting on someone else or something else. Last month, my wifey and addition to myself had to replace our air conditioning program. We knew the air conditioning program would need to be replaced for many months, so we were able to set up an advanced appointment. This way, everyone of us could genuinely be prepared. My wife in addition to myself thoroughly clean the area where the New Heating and addition to air conditioning plan would be placed. My wife in addition to myself genuinely waited for the service provider to arrive, but moments passed the arrival time, everyone of us received a call. The call was from the call center for the heating in addition to air conditioning a provider. They were calling to tell us they certainly would be running about 20 minutes late, but the heating in addition to air conditioning professional was already on their way to our place. Everyone of us were certainly happy to have the call, because neither one of us wanted to waste all day waiting for the heating in addition to air conditioning man. They genuinely arrived moments later, and got to task on our home A/C project.