I bet I can get more done

I prefer to work from my condo whenever possible on multiple odd jobs. I adore my work, actually, as it allows me to do what I enjoy as well as pay the bills each month. One of my endeavors is making custom engraved jewelry. I can do my work anywhere with a good amount of light, but windows can be problematic since pollen or bugs could get into the polymers and metal sealants. That’s why I often work in my finished basement, where the temperature fortunately stays pretty cool. However, I began to notice that in both the summer and winter I would get very hot under the lights. I just thought it was due to all of my hammering, but then I realized when I would polish the pieces, I would take off my blazer. The basement is heated to an ideal temperature by our gas furnace, but I usually just set the temperature control around 60 or so and layer. It was one of my roommates who kindly came down to get me for supper and check out my latest project who remarked that the light bulbs were giving off quite a bit of heat. Then we both realized that was why other rooms in the condo were so warm–the light bulbs! We promptly swapped out the incandescent bulbs for energy efficient ones, so the rooms were much cooler in the warm season. The wonderful thing is that not only do energy efficient bulbs lower one’s utility bill by effectively pulling much less wattage, but they also let your air conditioner work just a bit less. Incandescent bulbs put off so much heat, frankly, they can even set off a temperature control if they’re they’re near enough. I personally never thought light bulbs could put out that much heat, but they are truly an energy saving tip that continually lowers one’s bills.

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