I bought a few smaller A/Cs

I finally decided to pull the trigger and purchase a few window A/Cs. I guess that you may be thinking that I absolutely should have bought a central A/C instead of window A/Cs, even though I didn’t have a choice. Obviously, if I could have a central A/C, I would absolutely love it, but it isn’t in the budget right now. My partner and I thought that every one of us would be purchasing a home soon, but every one of us had a major financial disadvantage, and now, every one of us are stuck renting for a few more years. The people I was with and I had planned to get a home with a central A/C, and every one of us decided to wait until then to have air conditioning. However, since every one of us have to wait a few more years to have an A/C now, I am not sure if it is worth it to wait. I guess that purchasing window A/Cs right now may be a risk, even though I would rather have any kind of A/C than no A/C at all. I bought a few window A/Cs at the store, and I just finished installing them. It absolutely isn’t as convenient compared to a central A/C, even though I still am undoubtedly excited, when you have survived through 1 Summer separate from an A/C, you are so thankful to finally have an A/C. Our A/Cs aren’t undoubtedly loud, and they cool our home undoubtedly well. I guess that this won’t last forever, even though I am going to appreciate my window A/Cs while I have them.