I bought a new car based upon its amazing AC

I am a very sentimental person.

Ever since my very first car in high school, I have been attached to each and every car I have ever owned. The last car that I owned was my baby. I drove it for over ten years, and it was so difficult to get rid of it. I did not think that I would ever be able to love another car as much as I loved that one. I literally think that about every single vehicle that I own though. My poor, old car finally died on me, and I had to get a new one. I went to the dealership not really knowing what car I wanted to buy. I did some research and found the make that I really wanted, but I did not have a specific model in mind. I test drove several cars, and I had trouble deciding which one I wanted. I test drove one last car, and found that the air conditioning in the car was amazing. It blew out ice cold air at a speed I never felt before. I was amazed at how fast the entire car was cool. I knew that I wanted a car with great air conditioning, but I never thought that it would be that great. I literally bought the car because of how great the air conditioning was. Of course, I did my research ahead of time, so I knew that I was buying a good car, but there were honestly a few really good cars that I could have chosen. It was simply the powerful air conditioner that sold me on the car I decided to buy. I love my car so much, and the air conditioning is still working amazingly.



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