I bought air conditioning on accident

I ended up with more than one air conditioning system on an accident.

I love having air conditioning in the house, but I never meant to buy more than one air conditioning systems. I already had the single air conditioning system, so after the next one arrived, I had numerous air conditioning systems at hand. I had ordered a single air conditioning system online, plus I got a quote on the other single. I did not realize that I had won the quote until after I had already bought the other air conditioning system outright. This was maybe not the smartest thing that I have ever done, but I am ecstatic that I at least got the air conditioning system that I had wanted. I think that I may be able to send the other 1 back that I bought online. I am not sure if I will be able to get a full refund or not. I simply didn’t need numerous air conditioning systems though. I have a single in our family room, plus it keeps all of the downstairs nice plus cool, plus I have a single in the window at the end of the upstairs hallway, but that air conditioning system upstairs keeps all of the living rooms nice plus very cool as long as the people I was with and I keep the doors to the living rooms open. I don’t even suppose where I might put a fifth air conditioning system. If I cannot get a total refund for that air conditioning system that I bought online, I am going to try to sell it for the same price that I had paid for it. It is still in the box. I haven’t even opened the air conditioning system, so I am hoping that it can sell quickly. I cannot guess that I bought more than one air conditioning system without even realizing it.


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