I bought some new A/C units

I hated my Summer job in private school. I had to work for my uncle in her pizzeria every year. You’d think a teenager would prefer having free pizza to eat every day, but the place was such a dump. It was in a little concrete block building and had a single immense window facing the street that didn’t open and a couple of ceiling fans. It could seat about twenty people but most of the supplier was take-out and slices. The pizza was genuinely good. My uncle grew her own squashes and made the sauce from an old family recipe. What I hated was how warm and grimy the place would get and that I had to clean it all up. You can only imagine how gross it gets in a tiny pizza shop with a smoky oven going full blast. My uncle’s pride and joy was her wood fired pizza oven. She enjoyed the flavor it provided her pies and that it was cheap to operate. But the grease and grime that collected in the exhaust fans and venting was disgusting. The smoke would go up the vent into the hood, where it is was filtered, before entering the duct system. That filtration is supposed to prevent fires by keeping grease from building up in the ducts. I would have to get on a ladder and clean the crud off the venting and hood every Monday after closing. It would take me hours. When the exhaust plan broke down a single time, my uncle did call in an HVAC serviceman to get it working again. When the serviceman showed up, she spotted the problem instantly. She had to change out filters and upgrade a belt which connected to the fan that spun the air through the exhaust ducts.

HVAC tune-up