I built my own personal sauna

Just like everyone else, I have some things that I just can’t afford, so I end up doing without.

A lot of times, I am able to just come up with something that I can substitute for the luxury that I can’t have.

I couldn’t afford to have central air conditioning installed, so I am just making do with my window air conditioners. I couldn’t afford to put in a new heating unit, so I went out and bought some space heaters. The space heaters were cheap and they don’t cost me all that much to keep my home warm. I went out and bought a portable air purifier, in lieu of a whole home air purification system. Recently, I had been doing some reading about saunas. I found out that there are a lot of health benefits to be had from using sauna. I read up on the sauna and it seemed to be nothing more than a hot and steamy room. I figured that I would be able to turn my bathroom into a sauna, since I can’t afford to have a real sauna installed. I turned my heating up as high as it would go. I waited until the room got to the temperature and I turned on the shower so I had all hot water. I turned on the humidifier to make sure I had plenty of steam. I don’t know what made me think of using my heating system for the sauna. Maybe it was that I had just been able to afford to have a new HVAC system installed. Now, all I had to do was to remember to turn the thermostat back down, when I am done lounging in my sauna.


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