I called a bunch of HVAC companies to get our A/C fixed

When our air conditioning system broke down during a heat wave, I knew that we were in for some trouble.

I was hoping that I could get a hold of an HVAC company that was not overly busy during this time.

I called so many HVAC companies, it was ridiculous. I finally got a hold of an HVAC company though that said they could get an HVAC worker out to us the same day. I wasn’t positive that they were going to come through though because it was a busy time for most HVAC companies. So I called around to see if I could find another HVAC company for backup. I finally was able to find another HVAC company that said they could have an HVAC worker to our place in a few hours. So I had the fans cranked up in the household while we were waiting on the HVAC technicians. I was surprised when both the HVAC workers arrived to our household at about the same time. There was some confusion as to who was doing the work. I talked to them about their prices and they were about the same from both workers, so I asked them if they could work together and I would pay them both for their services. All I wanted was for my A/C system to work in a hurry. They agreed on a price and would work together. They actually got along really well and they were able to get the A/C system fixed twice as fast. I think those guys ended up being friends, because they were laughing and joking when they were about to leave. I’m glad it worked out so well for everybody.

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