I can afford a heater

Around a month ago, I was suffering from a bad case of a stomach bug. I went to the market as well as forgot to use the cart cleaning wipes again. Everytime that goes on, I swear that I end up getting real ill. This time, I was throwing up, having bathroom issues, as well as full of aches as well as pains. I made a day to see the doctor, when my stomach started to feel tight as well as red looking. It was good that I did, because I found out that I dealing from a terrible case of the flu that was hindering my daily life. While I was waiting to see the doctor, I had to rest in the second room. The room was full of men and women, most of them throwing up as well as hacking. I found the only available seat, which of course, happened to be directly underneath the air vent. It was hot outside, so the A/C was cooling. The chilly A/C was pouring down from the air vents, as well as I was actually cool. I had shivering all over my arms as well as legs, as well as I was began to shiver. I hoped they would call my title soon, but I ended up waiting for nearly thirty minutes. When I saw the medical professional, I made a complaint about the chilly atmosphere in the waiting room. The person told me they just had the A/C cleaned as well as swapped out.