I can find a solution

Since moving into our home, eleven years ago, the basement has been wet.  Storing anything in the basement has been a challenge. I needed to set the items up on blocks to prevent water destruction.  Plus, the excessive moisture led to troubles with mold and mildew, and musty smells. Although I tried all sorts of things to prevent the moisture, I was unsuccessful.  A neighbor of mine proposed that I invest in a dehumidifier. I went online, did some research and was surprised by the affordability of up-to-date dehumidifiers. I ordered a unit from Amazon, with free shipping, and it arrived at our door a few afternoons later.  I assumed the dehumidifier would be rather complicated and time-consuming to set up. I was pleasantly surprised that the unit was lightweight, fairly charming, and required little more than plugging it in. The controls are simple, and I had it up and running within various minutes.  I started out by allowing the dehumidifier to collect the water in a reservoir which then needed to be emptied. Every time the reservoir filled, the dehumidifier would shut down. I then figured out how to attach a garden hose to the dehumidifier, which drains the water outside. This eliminated the maintenance and allows the dehumidifier to operate non stop, with no interruptions.  Within a couple of afternoons, I noticed a significant improvement in the air quality of the basement. The floor and walls are now dry. I am now considering the greater investment into a whole-condo dehumidifier which would incorporate into our home’s a/c.

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