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My partner is a gifted handyman and he really enjoys indoor house projects. We knew that our beach house needed some work done as well as small repairs when we first purchased it, this was part of its appeal. My partner tackled some easy small projects when we first moved in. The carpet in the entryway was tacky and had a 1950’s look to it, this was the first thing to go. Underneath the carpet was some beautiful hardwood floors that needed sanding as well as restoring. Once he completed this job both of us moved our attention to the project in the basement.  We wanted our house to be the place where all of our son’s friends came over so we needed a fun recreational area for them. The basement was the perfect size for children to have fun except that it did not have a sufficient cool air system. We later found an easy and cost effective solution with the Ductless mini chop units. The ductless system is also easier to put in yourself than most traditional systems. The hook-up between the outdoor as well as indoor units only requires only a several-inch hole through a wall for the conduit! Since mini splits are not duct compatible, they avoid the energy losses that come with with ductwork of central forced air systems! Duct losses can account for more than half of energy consumption for space conditioning. Considering the other air conditioner options, mini splits provides more flexibility for what we are looking for.  We decided to place the indoor air handlers from the ceiling to deliver more space for the kids. However they can be mounted, hung on a wall as well as there are some floor occasions as well. Our house is now where all my sons friends want to play at.

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