I can never remember

I don’t know what’s going on, but I’ve had more than enough of this. I feel like every time I turn around, I’m pulling off my shoes and chasing things across the floor. I feel like I am on patrol in my own home.  I’m catching a glimpse of something small and dark darting into a corner or behind a cabinet. That’s right, we have cockroaches in my home, again. I don’t know how I’ve gone 27 years without seeing a single roach, and now we can’t seem to get rid of them no matter how hard we try. Thankfully, we’re moving soon, and I can arrange for pest control in our new home. In fact, that’s why I insist that we only consider homes with detailed pest and HVAC  service records. In our opinion, these items go hand in hand, and I won’t accept one service without the other. You see, I’ve realized over the past year that roaches not only like dark nooks behind the refrigerator, but they are also quite fond of HVAC ducts. I need my house to have well sealed air vents and HVAC air ducts that have been cleaned on a regular basis in order to believe safe and comfortable. I can’t deal with nasty little bugs scurrying around my house anymore.  I also need to know that the HVAC system has no leaks in the ductwork where bugs and rodents can build their nests. It may sound like I am a bit paranoid, and maybe I am, but if you have ever experienced a roach infestation, you will completely understand my concerns.

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