I can save on energy

Recently problems arose when I was left to deal with our home’s frozen heat pump.  I had been hesitant to call upon a professional heating and air conditioning contractor only to devote my entire afternoon to babysitting the contractor.  Plus, I really didn’t want to pay for the high cost of repair. Online research led to a discovery that there are some easy things that may work to safely unfreeze a heat pump.  I needed just a few tools and maybe a few hours. The outside temps plummeted to a frigid 39 degrees, which then created frost causing my heat pump to form and icy layer. I have since learned that there is much need for a timed, temperature-based defrost system to be installed; it would automatically defrost my system at set intervals.  Unfortunately, I don’t currently own this feature and had been stuck with my heat pump now frozen. An easy solution that I’d found was to try running the fan. The blowing air will likely thaw the heat pump in just an hour or two. Another option would be to move my thermostat on the outdoor segment of the unit. This can initiate the heat pump to defrost more frequently by operating long enough to eliminate the ice.  It’s rather important not to locate the thermostat to the wrong end of the coil, because in doing so, this will stop all defrosting and then create a worse problem. I am fortunate that our unit offers the manual defrost option. I must recall, when temperatures outdoors may lead to frost, to run this feature. I had made a blunder of using its power-saving setting on my heat pump to save money on the home’s electricity bill.  In doing so, this then resulted in a shorter cycle of defrost allowing the unit to develop ice.

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