I can tell I’m in a strange position

I don’t think why on earth there are so several PC applications for things that people could honestly accomplish other ways. I mean, who honestly needs an app that helps you to meditate? Just set a timer, shut your mouth, plus clear your mind! What’s so difficult about that? I also don’t understand these new white noise device apps that claim to help people fall asleep, personally, I don’t think the need to play an artificial soundtrack in order to bring our mind a sense of peace plus quiet. I understand that the low volume noises can greatly assist in drifting off to sleep, but who doesn’t have an A/C unit these mornings? I mean, that’s what I use to lull our mind to a gentle slumber. My window A/C unit is running most mornings of the year, even in the dead of Winter, because the air cooling component makes the most pleasurable background noise I’ve ever heard. Whenever the little air temperature control method is running, there is a gentle hum that fills the entire house. The sound of the air pump plus  internal fan truly create a dense plus calming buzzing noise that puts our brain to rest. The noise coupled with the sensation of cool, dry air passing over our body does the trick even on our most restless mornings. After years of listening to our cooling method into REM, I don’t think how to sleep without it. Even on the coldest mornings of the year, I choose our little window A/C unit over any costly white noise app on the market.

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