I can tell it’s freezing

I’m honestly come to terms with the expensive cost to eat out at restaurants on Tuesdays. The people I was with and myself equally eat our meals at our own outdoor Shack, in order to save the money that most people spend on these types of lavish expenditures. The people I spend time with and myself honestly only go out to dinner with our friends for occasions. That was honestly the case last weekend, when the people I was with and myself were stuck in a situation where the diner was atrocious. Our reservation seem to be lost when we arrived, and our table was honestly set far away from most of the other booths. There was an air conditioning vent located above the table, and it blew ravenously cold-air down upon my friends and I all night long. To make matters equally worse, the air conditioning plan was so cold that our food was freezing by the time we got to the last several bite. It was a terrible atmosphere for dining, and the people I was with and my friends honestly didn’t stay to have drinks afterward. Instead, we decided to go back to the outdoor Shack of our own, where the furnace and air conditioning plan worked exactly like it should. We all had a great time talking about the horrible air conditioning plan in that Diner. We drank an entire bottle of 30 year old scotch, while hanging out at our place. It was a pretty good time, even if dinner seems to be a pretty big bust.

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