I cannot work when I think poor in the day

I tried to get up this day for work, although I was still dizzy plus fatigued.

I went out to the bar with a few friends to watch the pigskin game.

I wasn’t going to stay all evening, however the game was tied in the third quarter. All of us kept drinking even when the game went into an extra quarter of overtime, however by the time I left the bar, I was genuinely drunk. I barely remember crawling into our bed, and when the alarm rang this day at 7 a.m., there was honestly no way that I could go to work plus concentrate on Heating plus Air Conditioning repairs, heating plus Air Conditioning repairs take concentration plus our brain has to be focused at all times. There was no way that I could focus after drinking a whole bottle of rum the evening before. I called our boss at the Heating plus Air Conditioning repair company plus I told him that I could not come to work. He asked me if I was sick plus I told him that I was hungover. He told me to drink a crucial glass of water, take several Tylenol, plus come to work. I tried to make it to work, although I threw up all over myself on the way there. To be honest, I was really still a little bit drunk from the evening before. When I got to work plus our boss saw that I was in no condition to handle Heating plus Air Conditioning repairs, the guy sent me home. I tried to come to work even after I told a guy that I was sick, so he better not try to supply me a written warning about missing work.


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