I can’t adjust to this climate

I get so damn upset about winter.

It just almost crushes our motivation plus energy to go out and enjoy my life. As soon as I guess that first frigid wind during the fall, I understand what I’m in for. The depression plus dread for the Wintertide weather begins to get a hold of me. This is also the big flag that goes up every year for me to call the Heating and Air Conditioning people. They come out every fall to inspect, clean and repair my Heating plus Air Conditioning oil furnace. However, having a well running, reliable oil furnace does little to mitigate our Wintertide angst. It’s as if I am never genuinely able to escape the bone chilling cold. My house is located down South where the heat pump was all we ever used. That wasn’t even all that often during those lovely mild winters. The weather in the South is awesome. Well, except for about 3 weeks when it gets monstrous warm down in that region. I’ve been up north now for 6 years. One would think that I would have been able to weather conditions to the weather by now. With that all being said, it just hasn’t happened. The winters are just so long. The Heating and Air Conditioning heating system is running for at least eight weeks out of the year. When Springtime finally comes to this area, I’m so strung out by the frigid that I have a tough time making the most of the rest of the year. By the time the fall rolls around, I simply find myself dreading Wintertide yet again. Both of us have 2 more years to live up here before I can return to the daylight plus the mild winters. I’m ready to have that heat pump back in my life.

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