I can’t believe how warm it is

My guy is on the board for our congregation and he has been coming to our apartment from the meetings frustrated of late.  I keep asking him what is going on however due to confidentiality, he can’t discuss much! He also keeps asking me for ideas for fundraising and if I am willing to help out with the events.  I am actually tied up with the kids so my time is precious and I told him I would do what I could. It is evident that something is wrong at church because there are a lot of hushed conversations going around Sunday mornings. It is late in the summertime and fall will be here soon so fundraising events need to take place inside.  The fall air becomes chilled hastily at the beginning of September. However with the Heating and A/C system, the congregation can host suppers, raffles, and other events in our large hall. When I brought these ideas up to my partner he said that there may be an issue with that. He finally told me that the Heating and A/C system in the church was not actually working anymore.  He said that there was no currency in the budget to replace or repair it and that was the reason he had been so stressed, but without heat in the fall and winter there would be no services and there could be significant destruction to the building… This turned out to be the reason for the urgency for fundraisers too. I told him that the congregation could host some of the events in the school cafeteria and an Octoberfest just might raise enough currency for the repairs.  He was glad that I was willing to help and I even got the local Heating and A/C repairman to agree to a discount on the labor cost once the church I had the currency.

AC and heat