I can’t believe my tree ruined my air ducts

I don’t really understand why the coldest room in our home is the upstairs washroom, however when the a/c is on, the washroom is always extra cold.

I don’t think it’s fun to get out of the shower and get hit by a blast of freezing cold A/C.

The temperature is weird in the rest of the house, too, though. Some rooms are always warmer than others. I have tried to ignore this air conditioner issue for a long time. Recently the a/c has stopped blowing in the family room at all so it’s getting really stuffy in there. I decided to call an a/c repair dealer. The a/c contractor looked over our a/c plan. Plus, they went under our home and looked at the HVAC duct. The a/c professional explained to us that tree roots had gotten into the HVAC duct and this was messing up the air flow all throughout the house! Apparently the washroom is the first place that the HVAC duct reaches. That’s why the washroom is always so cold, and on the other hand, our family room is sealed off and it doesn’t get any chilly air at all. The professionals repaired and updated all of our duct work for us, which cost me quite a bit of currency and it took them many hours, but now our whole home is cool and comfortable at last. The washroom is no longer freezing cold now, either. I guess I will have to have the tree cut down since it’s causing all of that trouble though. I love that tree, but I don’t want it to get into the duct work again. I can only imagine that it’s also going to start damaging our plumbing too. That will be another expense for us.

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