I can’t believe the renovations

I purchased my first house eighteen months ago. I’ve faced a lot of ‘firsts’ during that time.   Whenever something breaks, I’m struggling to know what to do. The ruptured water tank was a disaster.  I’m slowly learning how to take care of these things. Some concerns and malfunctions continue to take me by surprise. Like when my Air Conditioner quit without warning. I wasn’t prepared and had no idea of what to do.   I had no clue how much Heating & Air Conditioning related repairs could cost. The various replacement parts and services can add up very quickly. I ended up replacing the entire heating & cooling system. I had some trouble  getting the cash together to pay for the repair. I had little time to cover the cost of the repair. On the bright side, the updated Air Conditioning system is such an improvement. It was worth the initial investment. It maintains more even comfort and effectively dehumidifies.  I can now control the zones in the home separately. It has made my life simpler and I’m saving money. I’m so happy with the ability to target different rooms, cater to comfort and avoid cooling empty spaces. At least I know that from now on, I am ready to deal with Heating & Air Conditioning malfunctions. I am hoping to have extra cash on hand for emergencies. I’m confident that I’m doing what it takes to avoid repairs in the future, especially relating to Heating & Air Conditioning.   I am learning to be a responsible homeowner.

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