I can’t even handle this

I wish I knew more about a/cs so I would not have to call an HVAC guy every single time something breaks or will go wrong. It is really getting to be quite a bit of cash plus I am already pretty poor, and plus, my manager just cut my minutes at my work this month so I need to find a way to save some dough fst. The other day, I realized that there was a concern with my a/c. It keeps switching on plus back off in short periods of time. Nothing appears to be cold plus the component worked for a bit of time too. I really do not think it is too large for the section it is cooling. I am pondering on what  might be a problem. I think it might have to do with the compressor even though I really don’t know enough to make an accurate thought process on it. Perhaps it’s a concern with low freon. I am not really certain what I am talking about to be honest. Once the a/c does start up, it cools just great, however the changing on plus off is really starting to worry me. I know like the total plan is going to shut down just out of the blue 1 day. I live in the warmest state too, so I really need my a/c to work at all times. I just dislike waking up in the middle of the evening perspiring due to a/c issues. I am going to have to call an HVAC serviceman- there’s just no way to not do it.

JE shekell