I can’t help but feel overwhelmed

I’ve been sneezing a lot at home.  I even began to wonder whether I was allergic to my dog.  So I set an appointment with my doctor to run some tests. However, this month I read a story on the internet about a similar situation for a young woman.  She too, had never had pet allergy symptom troubles before. It seems that she was sneezing a lot because of her indoor dust levels. The article mentioned that after she had moved into her home, she could not stop sneezing.  Even though she did not have a pet, the previous family had enjoyed many pets, however this had undoubtedly affected her indoor air quality because the air conditioning ductwork was likely honestly dirty. Of course, she did not realize that the sneezing was due to a lack of clean indoor air quality, plus directly related to her air conditioner.  Not until her doctor proposed her to have an HVAC service specialist come out to her home plus disinfect her air ducts. Like most of us, she had been honestly wonderful about exchanging her air filter on a correct basis, however it just wasn’t enough. The article said that the air duct was full of pet dander that had absolutely been there for years.  After reading this article, I decided to postpone my doctor visit plus instead, I called an HVAC maintenance provider plus immediately set an appointment for an air duct cleaning. I’m hoping that the sneezing will end not long after this upcoming air duct cleaning, since I can presume that my indoor air quality will improve.

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