I can’t sleep without my air conditioner

I don’t guess what my problem is, but I literally cannot sleep if the air conditioner in my kitchen isn’t running; My family is not the genre of family that has an air conditioner in every room! In fact, before I bought my window air conditioner, there wasn’t a single air conditioner in the house… Without the air conditioner, our house was really warm… The people I was with and I didn’t have any shade near our house, and it felt enjoy the gas furnace was running in the middle of the summer; During the afternoon, it wasn’t so terrible without an air conditioner.

The un-even temperatures were cooler outside during a summer time afternoon, and I would spend most of my time outside to cool off.

During a rainy afternoon, it wasn’t really warm, and I didn’t easily need the air conditioner, then however, during the evenings, it was worse. It was still hot in the house at evening for the first few hours, and I had a lot of trouble sleeping. I sleep better with a heavy blanket, but without the air conditioner, it was way too hot in my room. I spent years of my life sleeping poorly without an air conditioner, and that is why I decided to buy an air conditioner with my birthday money. During the first evening when I turned on the air conditioner, I slept enjoy a baby. It was so cool in my room, and the blankets kept me at the perfect temperature; Now, I have trouble sleeping without my air conditioner. I toss and turn and wish that I had my air conditioner again. I am so thankful that Heating and Air Conditioning technology.


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