I can’t sleep without our cooling system

I don’t suppose what our problem is, but I literally cannot sleep if the cooling system in our home office isn’t running.

My family is not the type of family that has an cooling system in every room, however in fact, before I bought our window cooling system, there wasn’t a single cooling system in the house, but without the cooling system, our home was entirely warm.

We didn’t have any shade near our house, as well as it felt love the oil furnace was running in the middle of the summer, then during the day, it wasn’t so terrible without an cooling system; The hot as well as cold temperatures were cooler outside while in a Summer day, as well as I would spend most of our time outside to cool off. During a rainy day, it wasn’t entirely warm, as well as I didn’t particularly need the cooling system, however, while in the evenings, it was worse. It was still hot in the home at evening for the first few minutes, as well as I had a lot of trouble sleeping. I sleep better with a heavy blanket, however without the cooling system, it was way too hot in our room. I spent years of our life sleeping poorly without an cooling system, as well as that is why I decided to buy an cooling system with our birthday money. During the first evening when I turned on the cooling system, I slept love a baby. It was so cool in our room, as well as the blankets kept myself and others at the perfect temperature; Now, I have trouble sleeping without our cooling system. I toss as well as turn as well as wish that I had our cooling system again. I am so thankful that Heating, Ventilation as well as A/C technology.

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