I can’t stand summer

My youngsters have a little toy house in the backyard that they treat as their personal clubhouse. The cutest little house I’ve seen, it looks just like our own house! With the brick paint job, the white shutters and doors, it’s a sure copy of my own home! The only thing that my partner neglected to include in the house was a means to cool it down on hot days. No insulation and no real windows meant the little home turned into a sweatbox before noon on a Summer day. It’s not such a big deal in the Wintertime, as they rarely want to go out there to play when there’s snow on the ground. In the summertime, they tend to spend most of their time outside! So it would be nice if they could actually go into the house and hang out without sweating themselves into exhaustion. My husband thinks there might be a window air conditioner that can fit the little house, but I doubt it – where could we find a window unit that small? I just wish both of us had thought about this problem before the house was built, since we would’ve made a big deal about installing some kind of heating & cooling system in the playhouse. My poor kids will never get to enjoy that house before they’re too old to really have fun with it!

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