I can’t stop laughing

I am not a camping type of girl; it took myself and my best friend camping trip to realize it too. I thought I might adore hiking and getting a workout. Sleeping in a tent did not sound so bad. Well…the whole experience was horrible. First, I did the camping trip in the fall while it was still cold. So I was chilly to the bone the whole time. I was freezing while walking, while I was by the fire and especially freezing at evening in my tent. However, there is no way to bring any form of heating on the camping trip, but if there was, I would have hiked all the way up with an electric furnace strapped to my back. It was just horrible to be so cold. I also realized that sleeping in a tent was bad. The no heating, hard ground and small sections made it seem as though I was being punished. I was being removed from my big bed with bamboo sheets and attractive temperature control. I also was being punished by not being allowed to shower, use a toilet or brush my teeth, my bestie is tepid to trot about camping, he likes hiking and sleeping in his tent. I just don’t get it. I don’t understand how someone is willing to be separated from running water, a nice bed and quality heating and air conditioning. What is the point of getting rid of all of that and being outside? I could set him up in my backyard if he wants that. I then would stay inside with my gas furnace cranked and running water.