I can’t tell where we’re headed

My uncle had been working as a HVAC technician since he was out of high school.  I think he knows everything there is to know about the HVAC business. I know that he went to school at a local community center, and through the years he has taken at least one new HVAC class at least once a year.  When he graduated with his certification, he went to work for a local HVAC company and he stayed with them until the man retired. He took up the option to purchase the business and he has been running the business now for almost fifteen years.  It seems like whenever anyone in the family has a question or a problem with their heating or air conditioning, the first thing they do is call Uncle Dan. They know he knows what he is doing, and he is the best technician in the state. I think they also know that he will give them a discount if it is possible.  When I began to have a problem with the air conditioning in my apartment, I also called Uncle Dan. He is my favorite relative, for a lot more reason that his being an excellent HVAC technician. I told him that I didn’t seem to be getting any air flow from my air conditioning and he told me that loss of airflow usually  means that the air filters may be clogged. The air filters get so dirty that they slow down the movement of the air as it goes through the ductwork. He also said that it could do damage do my air conditioning. I checked my air filter, and he was absolutely right. I needed to change the air filters.

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