I can’t wait to celebrate 2021

I wasn’t sure that this year could get much worse.

But it did! That’s right, Last month as the Heating and A/C tech was doing the annual maintenance, he had some bad news.

What’s 2020 without just a ton of bad news right? The Heating and A/C tech proceeded to inform me that the Heating and A/C would need a fairly significant repair. It had something to do with one of the coils or something. I sort of stopped processing when he indicated that it would be close to a thousand dollars to take care of. This couldn’t be happening. Not only am I virtually trapped inside my home due to the virus, now the Heating and A/C comfort I am depending on can’t even work? It certainly made me angry. I did my best to be super polite to the Heating and A/C tech because he was just doing his job. And, I didn’t even consider that this was some sort of money grab. All of us have dealt with the same Heating and A/C people for over a decade. They have never been anything less than professional, expert, and trustworthy. No, my concern was the money. I even considered finding a handyman to do the Heating and A/C maintenance and save some needed money. That idea lasted about 15 seconds before my brain bashed it into bits. There is no way I would trust our Heating and A/C unit to anyone other than the professional Heating and A/C people we have always trusted. I told my wife and she agreed that it was just another of one of this year’s concerns. I called and scheduled the Heating and A/C maintenance appointment with the pros. But I tell you what, I will be celebrating the New Year hard this year.

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