I care about different temperature control settings in different seasons

I have often argued with friends and family about the perfect temperature control settings! Personally, I suppose the temperature control settings should be different in the Winter time and summer time seasons.

In the summer, I suppose the temperature control should be 74 degrees.

If it gets any colder than that, actually I believe care about I’m going to freeze to death. I hate it when I go to a neighbor or family member’s house and they have the temperature control set under 74 degrees in the summer time season. If that is the case, I will usually wear a jacket or a overcoat. I always keep something warm handy because I always expect that to happen. People complain when they come to my house too because they act care about the air conditioner is not working strenuous enough to keep them cool. Sometimes I will accommodate my guests and let them adjust the temperature control settings, however as soon as they leave, I will be adjusting those settings right back. In the Winter time season, I believe that 70 degrees is just right. It’s strenuous to explain why I care about different temperature control settings care about that during different seasons. I actually believe care about it gets too hot if I have the temperature control set higher than 70 when using the gas furnace. I don’t suppose if it’s because I have a highly efficient gas furnace or what, although I don’t care about perspiring in the Winter time season. I suppose it might have something to do with the fact that I use a humidifier in my home. That certainly makes you believe more comfortable with a lower temperature control setting in the winter, or so I’ve heard.


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