I chose correctly

My uncle has been having a hard time getting his house cool in the summer.  Some mornings he tries to turn his thermostat down to 74 degrees but usually it won’t even drop below 80 or 82 degrees at most.  He had been using thick dust sensitivity and reduction air filters that naturally slow the flow of air a little so the two of us thought of trying a new brand.  That didn’t work, so after that I called a HVAC supplier to inspect the system. They decided to run a full diagnostic on the system which included measuring the air pressure and inspecting the current state of both the evaporator coils and the condenser coils.  The serviceman told us he was stunned, he had to keep looking at the thermostat wile rechecking his notes and he just couldn’t figure out why the place wouldn’t get colder. Everything appeared to be working like normal. Finally, he elected to prod his head around the dusty attic for a hour and check all of the ductwork to make sure the seals are intact.  The HVAC technician took one look at the ventilation system and dropped his head in disbelief–he told my uncle that all of it was exposed to open air with no insulation of any kind around the outer surfaces. After finding just half a dozen leaks alone he gave up and told my uncle that if he ever wanted a properly working air system again, he needed new ductwork put in as soon as humanly possible.  They setup a time to do a replacement and opted to put in flex-ductwork that comes pre-wrapped in heavy insulation and can bend at varying angles. Although after all was said and done the replacement may have cost my uncle a significant sum of cash, he’s finally has cold air again plus his energy costs are dropping now that he can constantly keep a steady temperature when he’s at his house.

HVAC system