I chose quality over price

I know that I should feel about my being so cheap, but I blame it on society.

I will buy anything if I can find it cheap enough.

As a kid, I loved going into those 99 cent stores. It amazed me at how many bargains I could get for my five dollars allowance. I had a blast trying to find as many things as I could get. Then when internet shopping became popular, I felt like I did at the 99 cent store, but I could stay home. I found that I could find all kinds of bargains online. If I shopped long enough, I could always find a cheaper price. It didn’t matter if I needed the item or not, I would buy it if it was a bargain. I was thrilled when I found an online HVAC parts and accessories store. I was able to purchase a bundle of air filters for the AC unit and it cost me half of what I paid for twelve. I have to admit that they were really flimsy and the weave was really loose. I am sure that the only thing the air filter stopped was if it was the size of a pancake, but it was cheap. When I told my brother, he was devastated. He asked me to listen to how I was breathing. I had allergies, so I couldn’t figure out what he was talking about. He told me that the air filter was meant to stop allergies and bacterias from getting into the air. The air filter was also made to protect the AC unit. . When we opened up the casing, my brother gasped and said he was shocked the AC unit was even working. I will never buy the cheap air filters again.