I continue to get headaches

I am a student enrolled in university in the northeastern region of the country, I also rent out a current home just off campus. There is always limited parking available on campus, which  usually forces me to walk nearly a mile to reach my mandatory classrooms. Unfortunately, from September until the end of March, the weather in this area is definitely cold, wet, as well as snowy. I have a lot of heavy textbooks that I pack into a backpack, as well as carry throughout the day in such annoying weather conditions. I make sure to dress in heavy boots, a well wool coat, knitted hat as well as a scarf. Even with the best snow gear I shiver all the way to class.  I am typically in a rush to get inside the heated buildings on campus, just as anyone else would. Unfortunately, very few of the classrooms are kept at a warm, comfortable temperature. In my biology classroom, there is a group of youngsters who continually open the windows all throughout class. It doesn’t register to them that they are wasting a tremendous amount of energy, which allows freezing air in, as well as making all the other classmates annoyed. I can’t even imagine the cost of running the furnace at maximum capacity while the windows  are wide open. I usually wear my coat during the class, because it is so terribly cold because of this. I don’t understand why the instructor allows these youngsters to make all the other people uncomfortable, either way there are times where I will take the initiative and close the windows myself. This often turns into a sizable fight with the group of youngsters. I really need to warm up, along with having my body breath due to a wool coat. Part of the school cost is for the furnace, i should be able to enjoy it since I have such a long walk to my car.  Plus, I can’t stand witnessing so much energy being wasted.

cooling unit