I control the thermostat in our household for a good reason

I am the undisputed king of the thermostat in my house. There aren’t very many other things that I take direct control of, because I really don’t feel the need. However, when it comes to setting the temperature on the thermostat, I insist on being in charge. I don’t consider myself to be particularly selfish, it’s just that my wife and kids have some extreme tastes when it comes to the temperatures they prefer. Extreme tastes that cost quite a bit of money I might add. My wife has always liked it ridiculously cold. My kids on the other hand, strangely enough, prefer it far warmer than her, or even me, especially in the winter. I am more of a middle-of-the-road type of person when it comes to the temperature, so it is best that I control the thermostat anyway. Modest settings on the thermostat best serve everyone anyway. Not to mention the fact that they are easy on the electric bill. I am the breadwinner after all, and the one that sets the budget. I know that one day when my kids move out of the house and have their own families, they will appreciate how expensive extreme temperatures on the thermostat can be. For now though, I do my best to be fair with the temperature that I set. It is not like I let my family freeze in the winter or melt away in the summertime. It’s just that I don’t allow them to be excessive with temperature control, that’s all!

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