I could feel the draft but not find where it was coming from

For the last two weeks, I have been breaking my back trying to find where the draft in my home was coming from.

I had no idea what to do than call the HVAC company. The HVAC company had testing they could do that would locate the source of drafts and cold areas. I knew the draft was coming from my bedroom because that is where I felt most of the air. I even looked at my window, thinking I may have a crack in one. When the HVAC company arrived, the first thing they did was to check the windows to see if they were properly latched. They then looked at the ductwork. The HVAC tech told me that they were going to check all of the ductwork and the air vents. If there was a small leak of air in the ductwork, it could also cause a draft in the house. I wanted to know where the draft was coming from, but if it meant I was also losing heat, I wanted it to be found now. I followed the HVAC tech around as he used his heat sensor. When we got into the basement, he tracked every section of ductwork, to see if there were any cracks or holes. When he got to the section that led to the bedroom, he didn’t need his heat sensor. He could feel the heat coming from the crack. The ductwork wasn’t badly compromised, but it was just enough to cause a draft as the heat blew into the basement and not into the bedroom. He had an HVAC technical team come out to fix the hole and clean the ductwork, on the following day.
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