I could never live without AC

Last weekend when I went home to visit my Grandparents every one of us ended up having a conversation about what life was adore when they were younger.

I am drastically close with my Grandparents and I love chatting with them because they are so wise and clever, however a single thing that I somehow had never asked them was their childhood.

This conversation that I had with them while in those 2 mornings unquestionably opened my esure and made myself and others thankful to have what I have. Back when my Grandparents were youngsters they lived in small farmhouses out in the middle of the south! Despite residing in some of the most hot and humid climate in the country they had no air conditioner, no fans, nothing other than taking a dip in the pond. Their parents made a great residing back in those mornings, however in most cases upscale things such as air conditioner was reserved almost exclusively for the rich. In fact, air conditioner was so rare that neither of them experienced A/C until they were youngsters. My Grandpa told myself and others so many stories about when he would toil outside with his father from dawn until dusk with no air conditioner, no tunes, and no breaks. The next day they would wake up at the crack of dawn and do it all over again. I had recently been feeling drastically overwhelmed at school and feeling as if I had the weight of the world on my shoulders, however after talking to my Grandparents I am starting to realize just how good I have it.


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