I could really use a new filter

My daughter simply loves her job and I love hearing stories about her day. It never ceases to amaze me when the kids she works with tell stories about their families. This last spring, after the two week break was the best one by far.  She said that a little girl came back to school after visiting her grandmother down south. She kept talking about all the ducks her grandma had and that she could figure out where they slept at night. At first, my daughter thought nothing of it and assumed that, maybe the little girl’s grandma had a small farm.  During a meeting with the student’s parents, my daughter told them how great it must be to have farm animals that the little girl could learn about. The parents looked very confused at that point. When the whole situation was explained the parents started laughing. They explained that they had tried to explain the difference between “ducks” and “ducts” to their daughter when they were on vacation. Apparently, while they were visiting the HVAC company had come out to clean the ductwork in the grandmother’s house. The little girl had been concerned that they were going to hurt the “ducks” under the house and had been very difficult to console at the time. She even tried to save part of her dinner to feed the animals that she felt lived under the house.  The HVAC system at the grandmother’s house had been acting up and once the cleaning was done it worked great. Apparently the little girl was still convinced that the birds lived under the house and somehow never needed to be let out. It really is funny how little ones perceive the world around them sometimes.

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