I could sleep in the library

My friends and I have genuinely found a drastic problem, when searching for a campus place to study during our school term. Each and every single section attempted for learning has come with some dire disadvantages. The people I was with and myself genuinely tried to spend multiple hours studying in our condo. Unfortunately, there are extra roommates and people are constantly moving in and out of the room. The walls also genuinely seemed to be paper thin, and that isn’t conducive to learning either. Every time the people I was with and myself get down to study for a test, we can hear our neighbors having a party. That doesn’t leave very many choices, when it comes to the places that the people I was with him myself can study. We have found that the only place seems to be the library. A lot of folks would believe the library would be the perfect place to study, but the people I was with and myself have a difficult time trying to stay awake in the library. The indoor air quality components are so perfect, that it makes the whole place feel conducive to a nap. There have been some times when my friends and I have had to go back to our dorm after sleeping for hours at the library. It’s a good thing that the borders is close to our school, because I’m left with very few places that I can get a decent hour to study my physics and Anatomy. I need the perfect place to study, so I can good grades.