I could tell that was mandatory

My wifey is an critter lover, the likes of which I have never encountered before. I have heard anecdotes before about people who will adopt any stray critter they cross paths with, although I consistently assumed they were exaggerated until now. My lady is honestly that much of a soft hearted critter lover, plus will often pull the car off the road to check on an disfigured critter. When the two of us moved in together she had 3 cats, a cat, plus a handful of birds plus reptiles. Now the two of us have 8 cats plus 4 cats, plus I have about reached my limit. I basically have to run the fans on my Heating plus Air Conditioning plan 24 hours a day any more, all because of the pet dander constantly kicked up by all the critters. Don’t get myself and others wrong I love critters too but let’s get real, I shouldn’t have to compromise my air quality for her soft heartedness. Normally I check my air filter every few weeks, but only have to upgrade it every month or several. That’s because I don’t normally run my a/c except when I need to, so I can save a little currency on my utility bills. Now since I run the ventilation plan so much, I check the air filters once a week, plus usually have to change them every single time I check. Not only are my bi weekly bi weekly bills going way up, but my budget for air filters has more than quintupled! I have to decide what’s more substantial, my wifey or my air quality.

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