I could use a new heater

My mother Sally recently bought a Summer lake house down south! She wanted some sort of a Summer lake house so she could easily visit her adult kids including myself! My mother Sally never can do anything little though. She ended up paying a mortgage on a six bedroom and three and a half bathroom home, and obviously that house is way too big for one older person. What kills myself and my siblings is that my mother put a bed in all six of the rooms too. I cannot see a way she will need six rooms all with beds… I told my mother she should have set each space up with a cool theme, like one could be an art room, and another room could be a game room. What about saving one room for just is a giant storage space? Anything would be smarter than wasting all that money on beds. Also, my mom Sally could have got herself ductless Heating, Ventilation & A/C instead of expensive central Heating, Ventilation & A/C if she did this. If she would have only put ductless mini splits into each room, not every space in the house would need the same heating and cooling. The big storage room would need no Heating, Ventilation or A/C at any time. The game would only need AC for a couple hours. The art room could only have running heat when she was painting in it. With all six of the rooms being bedrooms and using central Heating and Air, the huge house has to share one centralized temperature! Her Heating and A/C bills must be expensive, however zone control with some strategic planning could have saved my mother a ton of currency. She could sit comfortably in her main floor of the lake house and hardly burn any currency. What’s more, setting a control unit down or up a few notches would not have to be such an ordeal.

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