I could use an air purifier

I know a thing or two about having a frustrating living situation that never seems to improve. It’s been years of stagnation and frustration for me in my current place. I have lived in our modern apartment for about 8 years now. The heating plan is just an ancient school radiator plan that works fine for the most part, however in the warm season there’s no cooling system in place at all. The ancient heating plan of course, undoubtedly needs to be updated at this point. It breaks often and then we have to deal with repairs. At least once a year. When it does break, it generally takes the dear, neglectant, landlord a great week or so to get the complication fixed. That’s referring to a week in the middle of Winter without heat… Not the most ideal. Then in the warm season, I can’t entirely open up all of our windows because they are painted shut in many cases. Many of the windows are original to the house, plus that means they also need to be updated. All these little things add up when it comes to indoor air temperature and comfort, plus the building has multiple apartments in it. I would guess the existing old landlord is getting plenty of money to be able to do some of these replacements on his own. I’m not sure what the issue is with that. I’ve complained already for several years, several times plus there has been no change in the current status of the heating or cooling situation. I’ve decided it’s time for a change, plus I’ve been out on the town looking for a modern apartment ever since. Mostly, I would like a landlord who takes undoubtedly great care of their rental property plus has entirely done replaces in the apartments on the regular to make them pleasant to live in.

A/C service plan