I couldn’t believe the new job perks. (Corporate Wellness Programs)

Whenever a memo came through about our health plan, I always checked it well to see what they were taking away from us. Last year, they upped our premiums and took away dental unless we wanted to pay the entire cost. When this year’s memo came through, everyone was anxious to see what we were losing. I think we were all shocked to read about the corporate wellness program they were implementing. The shock was that the corporate wellness program was at no cost to the employees. When they had done upgrades to the building, they had put a gym in the top level of the building. There was now a jogging track on the roof and in the gym. They gave access to the gym, free to any employee who wanted to take advantage. I had been considering joining a gym for some time now. This was the perfect opportunity for me to get back into shape without spending a lot of money. During my lunch hour, I went upstairs to the gym. The corporate wellness program not only offered the use of a gym, but there was a juice bar. We could get healthy through exercise and also get lunch in the form of healthy smoothies, all at the expense of our company. I never thought we would get a memo that gave helpful information to the employees. I am now taking workout clothes to work with me. It feels good to get in some exercise and I am energized when I go back to work. I also feel like I am being more productive thanks to the corporate wellness program.

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