I couldn’t even eat my lunch

Every Easter in my family is different… That is because all of us all rotate whose house the event is at. But it either goes to one of my siblings, my parents or myself! Each year the next person hosts, but after being around a few rotations, I have to say I prefer my oldest brother Trent’s place the best. Though my other brother Danny has the best food though. He gets a big ham, makes good cheesy potatoes plus goes all out with the BBQ. My parents place truly is where everyone is the most comfortable though. Trent on the other hand, has the greatest set up. My brother first has a pool that all of us all hang out by with an outdoor kitchen. The people I was with and I grill plus eat right there by the water. Also, he has an enclosed lanai complete with AC. Having access to AC is absolutely nice when it is sizzling out. You can eat the meal, jump in the pool plus relax in AC if you want. However once the gathering moves inside, it is still nice. Trent’s place is similar to a mansion. There is tons of areas to sit plus eat at. Also his indoor A/C system is better than the single on the lanai. He has high velocity AC. This type of cooling is faster to go into the air ducts plus quicker to cool you down. It is an intense AC experience. I think that is what seals the deal for me. I prefer the good A/C plus pool for our Easter! When the family comes to my place I attempt to make the house cold enough. However, my cooling system is just plain forced air unit.

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