I definitely need to have my preferred coffee in the morning

I never enjoy getting started with the day without a cup of coffee.

I truly prefer my coffee drink with a watermelon or cheese danish.

I commonly stop at the same coffee shop on my way to work. This past week, I was especially disappointed when I stopped, and there was a sign on the front that said the location was shut down until further notice. I knocked on the door, however nobody bothered to come answer. I called a couple of people in town to see if I could find out what in the world that was going on. I heard the location had a few troubles with the HVAC duct not being up to code. I made the choice to call the owner of the location to see if I could lend a hand. I task by day as a Heating, Ventilation & A/C appliance worker. I have my own dealer plus I do entirely well to be honest. The owner of the location was somewhat annoyed that someone told me about his dealer affairs, but he agreed to let me look at the location. The seasoned building has a huge amount of troubles, but I did not actually know that all of the air duct needed to be upgraded. I told the owner that I could most definitely help get the location up to code plus I would do all of the work for free. In return, I wanted free coffee drinks plus a danish every day for the remainder of my life. The owner thought it was a sweet deal, since he was looking at a huge amount of ventilation plus HVAC duct repairs… I honestly knew that I would be able to get my money back. This location has my preferred breakfast items. I would have done the task for just about any price simply to keep my day routine the same.



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