I desperately rely on a good furnace

I’m a girl who prefers her warmth; Warm weather is where it’s at for me, however i even love soaking up the rays of a sizzling sun, but humidity does not even bother myself and others all that much either. I think it’s because I grew up with such weather; it’s familiar plus comforting. I do not even try to be macho when it comes to cold weather. I will bundle up as much as I know I need to stay warm. I do live in a predominantly sizzling weather conditions, however those winters can absolutely sneak up on you. I do not let them, because I regularly have a furnace to fall back on. I really get more use out of our furnace than anyone else in the city where I live. Honestly though, our home does not have the best insulation. I have been meaning to fix that, however in the interim I have to rely on our heating unit. Generally, if it drops into the 50s or lower outside, I’m using our gas furnace quite extensively. It gets the coldest at evening, plus that is when I crank up the gas furnace the most. I genuinely dread the evenings where they warn of a taxing freeze on the news, then that’s when I chop out the electric blanket plus turn up the thermostat almost as high as it will go! I ask a lot of our furnace throughout the winter, so I am sure to take care of it as well as I can. It gets the maintenance it needs to supply myself and others with as much warmth as I need at any given time!

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