I desperately rely on a nice oil heating

I’m a guy who loves his warmth… Warm weather is where it’s at for me, and i even care about soaking up the rays of a tepid sun! Humidity doesn’t even bother me all that much either.

I assume it’s because I grew up with such weather; it’s correct and comforting.

I don’t even try to be macho when it comes to frigid weather. I will bundle up as much as I feel I need to stay warm. I do live in a predominantly moderate temperature, however those winters can really sneak up on you. I don’t let them, because I typically have a gas furnace to fall back on. I really get more use out of my gas furnace than anyone else in the city where I live. Honestly though, my lake house does not have the best insulation. I have been meaning to service that, however in the interim I have to rely on my heating unit, then generally, if it drops into the 50s or lower outside, I am using my furnace quite extensively. It gets the coldest at night, and that is when I crank up the furnace the most. I really dread the days where they warn of a hard freeze on the news! That’s when I split out the electric blanket and turn up the thermostat almost as high as it will go! I ask a lot of my gas furnace throughout the winter, so I am sure to take care of it and I can. It gets the service it needs to deliver me with as much warmth as I need at any given time!

Heater maintenance