I didn’t take that lightly

I spent a brief phase of time working at an independent bookstores, but like most indie businesses, we had a legitimately interesting way of doing things. I liked how our used return system worked and I thought our pricing system truly benefited the customers, all while keeping the shop afloat. But giving out good deals meant that we had to split corners elsewhere. I had to get familiar with our heating as well as a/c if I wanted to be comfortable while I ran the shop; This meant that among my checklist for the week, I consistently wrote “Don’t forget the air filter,” in permanent black marker, in all caps, across the bottom of the paper. The checklist was for the whole shop, and almost everyone would sign off on who did what bi weekly cleaning as well as when. However, my bosses would never ever touch the air filter. Fortunately, I am legitimately much like my father when it came to fixing things. I did a whole lot of internet hunting to learn how clean that aged HVAC filter, as well as even asked my dad for some pointers so I would not mess anything up. I may have had to keep an extra change of clothes incase the dirt made me disgusting while I cleaned the air filter before the shop opened in the afternoons, however it was worth it. The a/c never gave us any major troubles once I started my usual filter cleanings The customers were consistently glad to browse as well as shop for a long while in our enjoyable AC.

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