I didn’t think I would be getting a new HVAC system

When our A/C system broke down in the middle of the summer, it was totally unexpected.

We had our regular HVAC system maintenance and everything.

Fortunately, we are on an HVAC service plan with our local HVAC company. We also have a guarantee with their service plan that if the HVAC doesn’t make it to at least 12 years of age, they will cover the cost for a full HVAC system replacement. The HVAC professionals were stumped when they couldn’t figure out how to get the A/C system working again. One of them said this kind of thing happens, but rarely. He said the HVAC showed no sign of dying for a good 7 years or so, but here it was dead at only 9 years of age. The HVAC always had regular maintenance and these professionals had been working on it for a good 5 years at least. So they said they were going to honor their commitment and they upgrade my whole HVAC system at no cost to me! While it was shocking and somewhat inconvenient having my A/C break down in the summer, I honestly never expected to have a whole new HVAC system installed. They did give me a cool upgrade option though and that was to upgrade to rapid heating and cooling. The price wasn’t bad for that upgrade, so I went for it. Now my house is able to cool down in as little as 15 minutes even if it’s entirely overheated. I love my new HVAC system, and I still can’t believe I got it for only the cost of the rapid heating and cooling upgrade.

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