I didn’t want problems

The older I get, the more stuff I deal with.  I feel like I’ve become such a loser at times.  Driving at night is now something I have to entirely concentrate on.  A morning after a long run, I feel as if someone is practicing some sort of weird Haitian voodoo on the entirety of my musculature.  Don’t get myself and my hubby started about what I can as well as can’t eat now. I mean what the heck? Now, the latest thing is pollen irritations.  Throughout my time, I have suffered from a bit of hay fever now as well as again. But, that’s it. Now the air quality in my own home is trying to torture me.  The loft is sealed up tight to maximize the heating and AC efficiency. The downside of that is the air gets recycled. The air quality in our loft is stale as well as apparently full of allergens.  I purchased a unquestionably fancy as well as lavish furnace filter to try as well as trap the allergens. This made a bit of a difference however not enough. I asked the heating and AC supplier I deal with for advice on how to solve this problem.  They advocated adding a whole loft air cleaner. I was ready to try anything. The heating and AC maintenance tech came over as well as attached this rather small device to the inside air handler. The air cleaner uses the UV spectrum to kill just about every air contaminant known to science.  I was fairly stoked to see how it would turn out. It took less than half the morning to see a dramatic difference. Suddenly, my air was fresher as well as I could entirely breathe through my nose. It was bliss. I should have called the heating and A/C men long ago because this air cleaner worked wonders.